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Business Loans

At Big Think, we’re not only dedicated to helping you get the financing your business needs, but to educating our clients on the various options available. In this section of our site, you’ll find extensive information on each type of loan available in plain English, not financialeze.

And, if you have questions or require further clarification, our Big Think advisors are ready and willing to help so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

SBA Loans

Long term, low interest loans for the purchase of fixed assets such as real estate, equipment or machinery…

Term Loans

Long term loans which are paid back with regular payments over time, including interest…

Equipment Financing

Loans or leases specifically for the purchase of business equipment or car loans…

Line of Credit

A flexible credit line which can be used for any purpose up to the maximum loan balance…

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing allows you to access quick cash against current unpaid invoices…

Short Term Loans

Small loans  which usually must be repaid in two years or less…

Merchant Cash Advance

Technically not a loan, and payments are a percentage of each sale…

Small Business Startup Loans

A variety of loan products which assist with launching or funding a small business…

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At Big Think we are dedicated to providing business borrowers with a straightforward and transparent funding platform, providing informational resources to ensure that borrowers fully understand their options, and to dealing with borrowers and referrers with the highest standards of business ethics.

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