Mike Dirienzo

Funding Manager

Mike’s remarkable journey in the marketing sector, marked by a strategic overhaul that increased his company’s lead-to-deal conversion rate by 15% and sales by 20%, showcases his innate talent for driving growth. His adeptness at conducting targeted lead nurturing campaigns across diverse platforms, including Google and Facebook, alongside utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud for email sequences, significantly shortened the sales cycle by 10%.

Furthermore, Mike’s leadership in managing external marketing vendors and consultants led to a surpassing of the company’s quarterly sales target by 10%, generating over $100k in revenue.

His analytical skills shone through in the production of a detailed quarterly marketing report, highlighting the success of marketing efforts in generating over $10 million in revenue from rent money by the end of 2022. This blend of strategic marketing insights and practical execution has not only proven Mike’s capability in the marketing domain but also his prowess in harnessing these skills to fuel sales growth.

Mike has seamlessly fused his marketing talent with his passion for sales, finding his niche at Big Think Capital as a Funding Manager. Here, he leverages his extensive experience and innovative strategies to drive the company forward, applying his marketing acumen to the financial sector with remarkable success. His journey from marketing strategist to a pivotal figure in sales at Big Think Capital exemplifies his versatile skill set and his ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic business environments.

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