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Business lines of credit are one of the best financing options for businesses that need financing but don’t want to take out a traditional loan. If you’re interested but don’t know where to turn, work with Big Think Capital!

We’ll combine our financial expertise with our deep connections to secure you financing options that other companies can’t. Keep reading to learn more about business lines of credit and the advantages of partnering with Big Think.

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Business Lines of Credit from

$5k – $1m

Term as long as

5 years

Rates as low as

1-5% Monthly Interest

Decisions as fast as

24 hours

Everything You Need to Know About Business Lines of Credit

As one of the most popular financing options for business owners today, credit line lets businesses borrow an amount of money up to a specified limit and only charges interest on the actual amount borrowed.

Where a traditional loan requires business owners to pay back their amount in monthly installments, credit lines let you pay back your debts on more flexible terms. When looking at a business line of credit vs. a loan, credit lines are generally the superior option—especially for businesses with low working capital with volatile financing requirements.

Benefits of credit lines include:

  • Easy Access to Short-Term Funding
  • Flexibility in Application
  • Credit Building Tool
  • Continual Borrowing Capabilities

It’s no surprise that business lines of credit are the most popular financing tool for businesses looking to grow.

Our Credit Line Qualifications

Have you tried tracking down a business line of credit but find yourself being continually rejected by lenders? Work with the experts at Big Think Capital! Our team can collaborate with you to get the financing you need. Best of all, the requirements to start working with us are minimal:

  • 6+ Months in Business
  • $120,000 in Yearly Revenue

If you meet these basic qualifications and your business is in good standing, prepare the following paperwork so we can get started on getting your business the financing it needs:

  • Basic Details About You and Your Business
  • Bank Statements Over the Past Three Months

Why Big Think for Your Business Line of Credit?

Big Think already has a variety of advantages over its competitors:

No application fee

No prepayment penalties

Funds available on demand

Financing that grows with you

But we’re more than a generic list of benefits. Work with us and get:

Partners Committed to Your Financial Success

Compared to other companies in the industry, we aren’t driven exclusively by internal profits. We’re ultimately focused on our clients’ organizational success, which is why our team uses a relationship-driven approach. We anchor all of our advice and solutions to your goals, so you can rest assured you’re getting a solution that matches your needs. We’re more than a faceless intermediary—we’re committed partners.

Sprawling Financial Industry Connections

Business success is predicated upon cultivating the right relationships—especially in the financial industry. We recognize the importance of connections at Big Think, which is why we’ve developed deep bonds with the country’s leading lenders and financial institutions. Not only do these connections keep us on top of the latest trends in the industry, but they facilitate better transactions. We leverage these connections on a daily basis to secure financing that other companies can’t.

A Security-First Approach

Cyberattacks become more sophisticated every day. Compromised financial information could have disastrous consequences for your business, including lost funds, operational disruptions, and lost information. Big Think recognizes the severity of cyberthreats, which is why we maintain stringent security practices and have implemented advanced security platforms like Decision Logic and Plaid. Between our trained employees and cutting-edge cybersecurity software, you can be confident that private data stays private with us.

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