At Big Think we are dedicated to providing business borrowers with a straightforward and transparent funding platform, providing informational resources to ensure that borrowers fully understand their options, and to dealing with borrowers and referrers with the highest standards of business ethics.

The Big Think Financial Services Marketplace

Whether you or your client need capital for expansion, production, day-to-day operations or even debt restructuring, we can help.

Big Think Capital is a financial services marketplace specializing in helping businesses find the capital they need with the best possible terms. From education to application, Big Think will guide you through the financing process to ensure that you get the funding you need as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In addition, we also assist other business services professionals (accountants, financial planners, lawyers, etc.) to find funding for their clients.

What We Do

Efficient End to End Loan Process Management

Big Think Capital oversees the loan process from the point of application for funding to the point of repayment. We receive submissions on our platform and forward these requests to our lending community to find best deals for clients via their referrals. We also provide dedicated accounts for clients and brokers to receive information and updates on their loan applications in real time.

Big Think also ensures process efficiency and transparency on both ends to protect the interests of all parties.

Equal Opportunity Marketplace

Big Think Capital’s marketplace provides equal opportunities for all lenders to bid equally; this encourages transparent practices. We promote competitive bidding and loan syndication where everyone in the loan process gets management access to the platform. We also control and manage the process to minimize the incidents of default. Referrers also get equal opportunities to submit their clients’ requests for advance to our lending community.