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Charles Webber, CEO AV Seals

Nic Vitale is a homerun hitter. The level of caring that man has had since I’ve worked with him has been second to none. He has seen my business go down to almost nothing during the Pandemic to see the business go back up to 6 figures a month. He might not be my business partner but when I talk to him he sure feels like he is.” 

AV Seals is a leading provider of technical labor to the event industry throughout the US. With many decades of experience in the live and hybrid event industry, they have served as Project Managers, Labor Stewards, Department Leads, and Technicians. They truly understand the demands of producing high-quality meetings.

“In 2020 my business was just about over due to the pandemic. My company works in the live event industry (corporate events, concerts and such.) It took 20 years of my life to make the business, but in a global pandemic, it was all about to be gone. I was stressed as all hell and was taking any type of loan to bridge me to the end of the pandemic which was an 18-month journey. I didn’t have many people to believe in me… But Nic did.

I’ll always come back to Big Think Capital just because of Nic.  He became a friend instantly and a business partner I never had. Today from making $0 a month I’m averaging $300K a month and the numbers are going up.

If Nic believes in another person he will put 100% into what he has to do.”  -Charlie Webber

“Charles is committed to his craft & confident in his ability. His passion for his business has been clear since the first time we connected. He has always been growth-oriented and strategic in his approach. When he would source the funding – he would put the funds to work exactly how he planned with me. Each opportunity led to more growth. We have done fundings as small as $3,000 together and grown to the point where could qualify for hundreds of thousands.

We have an amazing relationship and chat frequently just to catch up. He is more than a client – he is a friend.”

Nic Vitale, Vice President – Sales