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Ashley Patrick, CEO at Caked by Petite

“Big Think Capital gave us the flexibility to make the necessary investments for growth without dipping into our cash flow. Opening our first brick-and-mortar is a dream come true. I have been working out of my home and we really started to outgrow that space.” 

Looking for a jaw-dropping culinary creation for your next event that’s sure to wow the crowd? Look no further than Caked by Petite! Since its inception in March 2016, Caked by Petite has taken the Atlanta sweets scene by storm with its explosive popularity, expansive cake clientele, and excellent customer service. From large weddings to intimate gatherings, the Caked by Petite team provides lavish gourmet cakes and cupcakes for the sweetest finishing touch of your dreams.

I found Big Think Capital online. We get a lot of celebrity orders that are rush orders so I know a thing or two about urgency and delivering under pressure. I was super impressed to see the speed Big Think Capital operates and how quickly I received the money in my account. Our funding was used to buy a commercial fridge and a flower fridge for the new shop. These are expensive items that we never had the ability or space to consider. Flowers are a big component of what we do here and make our product unique. The ability to store them on-site saves me time and money. A commercial fridge allows us to prepare the products in larger quantities.

“Ashley is a wonderful client of mine. It is always amazing getting to work with someone who is so passionate about their business. Her love for baking paired with her entrepreneurship skills allowed me to get a sense of exactly what she needed to expand her business. With a more efficient baking process, Ashley was able to bring her business to new heights. Next time I am in Atlanta, I am definitely stopping by Caked by Petite!”

Anthony Lopatowski, Funding Manager