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Ashley Grosch, Founder & CEO at The Farm Life Movement

“Big Think Capital has been the main supporter of my company and helped finance our expansion for both our brick & mortar and e-commerce operations. They helped us fund our second location” 

Ashley Grosch founded The Farm Life Movement to offer wellness products rooted in her work as a functional medicine practitioner. The business has been thriving for 11 years! Before starting her business, Ashley was in the Navy for ten years as a surface warfare officer. The Farm Life was created to serve people and the planet by providing shared experiences, trustworthy resources, and wellness education. On their biodynamic farm in Virginia Beach, they grow vegetables, and fruits, and raise over 200 chickens and ducks for eggs.

Ashley’s partnership with Big Think Capital has also allowed her to make necessary investments in their website as demand has grown tremendously. All of their products are sold now at Farm Life Organic Market Grocery. The market serves as a place of local eats and commerce and connection for those not located as close to the farm.

“Langdon has a personable demeanor that makes it very easy to interact with him. He’s not aggressive as many in the funding industry are. Instead, he’s approachable. It’s clear to me that his mission is to meet his clients where they are and not the other way around.

“Ashley and her team are truly a pleasure to work with. They are extremely passionate and dedicated to executing their vision. It has been amazing to watch their steady and well-deserved growth. I am excited to see what comes next.”

Langdon Lorenzo, Funding Manager