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Tom Bond, Founder & CEO at Summit Maryland

“Due to the nature of the accreditation and licensing process, especially in the Covid-era, our timeline was pushed back so we needed capital to fund the operating costs of the company.” 

At the age of 38, Tom Bond checked himself into a homeless mission to put his life back together. After a successful recovery, Tom was hired by the very mission that helped him recover. Tom spent the next 16 years helping to build one of the largest treatment communities in the country, with 750 beds in total. Moreover, Tom discovered his purpose – helping others in similar situations as him find their way out of the darkness. In 2019, Tom decided to start his own company, and Summit was officially launched.

Summit, provides residential treatment for men and women struggling with addiction and mental health challenges. More than just a drug treatment center, Summit’s guests live together in a supportive community and the empathetic relationships built between the participants are just as valuable as the therapy provided. Summit does not accept cash or private insurance like many other “rehabs”.

“We are in the midst of a significant expansion, from 1 location with 12 beds to five facilities and 56 beds, and from there we will expand to a total of 9 facilities and over 100 beds. After I applied for funding with an aggregator, I was deluged with offers. I still have several companies calling me almost every day.  There was something different about the way Langdon solicited me. He was very assured of what he was doing. He was extremely responsive but never pushy. He takes a relational approach, not transactional.

“Tom has an inspiring story and an amazing mission to help others at Summit. Being able to provide him and his team with the requested funding to help reach their goals of expansion is something I am very proud of. I definitely look forward to watching their growth and expanded access offering help for those in need with the resources in their programs.”

Langdon Lorenzo, Funding Manager