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Dena White, Founder Sweet Cacao Chocolates

“We have been in business for 6 years.  I started out crafting artisan chocolates from home and eventually made the leap to a storefront. At an age when most people are looking forward to retirement, I decided to take my love of chocolates and baking and share it.” 

Sweet Cacao promises to combine only the very best ingredients they can find to make your chocolate experience more than just an amazing taste. Every chocolate that they sell has been handcrafted for exceptional quality. They use as many locally produced products as possible so their flavors will change with the seasons. Dena’s chocolates use fair trade and sourced cacao products from all over the world. It is very important that all of their products are made with only natural ingredients – no artificial preservatives or flavors.

Their typical customers are in their local community of Thomasville, GA. With the shop located just 30 miles from Florida, Dena gets many customers passing through and visiting for the day. Unlike most small towns, Thomasville has a vibrant and thriving downtown scene.

“Working with Big Think Capital was great. This capital is going to support our daily business operations during the upcoming holiday season. This time of year is always the busiest for our shop and having a financial cushion at our disposal is a great relief to keep things running smoothly. We also are launching a corporate gift program! – Dena White

“Since the initial call, I knew Dena was deeply invested in the success of her business. Her 5+ years of hard work and dedication are put on display through her hand-crafted products and her devotion to what she does. Even though Dena works around the clock to provide for her clients, she was always there to communicate with me! Through her website, personality, and online presence, it is clear that attention to detail is very important to her. Dena makes sure that her clients’ experience is the center of what she does, which is why we immediately connected so easily.

Dena is an absolute pleasure to work with and holds a special place in the heart of Big Think!”

Mike Santos, Funding Manager