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Catherine de la Fe, Co-Founder/CEO at DGV Contractor INC

“I worked with Matt Benincasa. He was so helpful in getting funding for our business. He explained everything very clearly and was always reaching out to help guide me through each step. Thank you!”

My name is Catherine de la Fe and in 2009, my husband, Dio Villavicencio, was unexpectedly fired from his job. He was the main earner in our family of 5. We were like all families having a mortgage, car payments, etc. He got another job right away but we quickly realized that something was going to have to change. He was earning half of his prior salary. So, we cashed in our savings and bought his first dump truck and we formed DGV Contractor INC in February 2010. At that time, I was working part-time as a preschool teacher, doing the paperwork for DGV and raising our three active children. When our second child was accepted to college, I got my CDL and began driving a dump truck.

We have worked with many different companies hauling dirt, pushing snow with VDOT, and hauling stone and asphalt for a local quarry. Our clients range from humble farmers to large construction companies and everything in between. I became aware of this type of lending company when we were faced with a rather large payroll from a massive snowstorm and no money to pay our drivers. Last year, we decided to purchase another piece of equipment. When researching companies, I reached out to Big Think Capital and spoke with Matt Benincasa. He was amazing. He walked me through the process, was always available by phone and text and we had an approval the next day.

While Dio and I are the sole employees right now, our hope is to be able to purchase another tractor-trailer and employ one or two more drivers. We would like to grow our small company and stay busy, ensuring that we all have a paycheck at the end of the week.


“Catherine is truly one of my favorite clients. When Catherine initially inquired about financing, we bonded over the fact that I used to live a short drive away from Virginia, in Baltimore Maryland.  I could hear the concern in her voice; she was stressed and overwhelmed, but I asked her to place a small amount of faith in me and my abilities to advocate on her behalf.

After taking a small leap of faith, we were able to secure funding that allowed the business the opportunity to make it through their hardship, and in the process, built a ​long-term sustainable relationship!

I have loved the opportunity to work with Catherine over the past year, and I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come!”

– Matt Benincasa, Director of Client Success