Drew Goldberg

Funding Expert

Drew Goldberg is a recent graduate from the prestigious University of Michigan, where he earned a degree in Economics with a minor in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences (QMSS). Drew’s academic background reflects a commitment to analytical thinking and a solid foundation in economic principles, making him a valuable asset for roles that require a keen understanding of both numbers and societal dynamics.

Drew is more than just an academic achiever – he is a true Michigan sports enthusiast. During their four-year tenure, Drew demonstrated unwavering dedication to their alma mater, attending all but two home football games. This loyalty speaks volumes about his commitment, perseverance, and team spirit.

Beyond academics and sports, Drew is a self-proclaimed food fanatic. His love for exploring new foods and trying out diverse restaurants showcases an adventurous spirit and an openness to new experiences. This passion extends beyond his personal life, as Drew brings the same enthusiasm and curiosity to their professional endeavors.

What sets Drew apart is not just his academic and extracurricular achievements but also his work ethic and commitment to client satisfaction. Drew takes pride in hard work and is willing to go the extra mile, making himself available close to 24/7 if it means ensuring client success.

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