Mike Santos

Client Success Manager

Mike is a reliable and personable Client Success Manager who enjoys getting to know each client. He consistently provides a thorough analysis of every business he encounters. This allows him to seek and provide the most effective financing options for all types of businesses. Mike’s abilities stem from a deep passion in the field of business which led him to acquire a B.S. in Business Administrator from Farmingdale State College. Mike is interested and specializes in the study of finance and the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of businesses. These skills encourage him to aid business owners in finding the proper financial solutions to help them grow and expand. Before joining Big Think Capital, Mike worked as a Financial Analyst for a medical billing company where managed and facilitated the finances of numerous medical practitioners.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys staying active by participating in sports such as hockey and Jiu-jitsu. When he is not working or playing sports you will likely be able to find him in the gym or the ocean. Mike’s main focus, whether in his professional or personal life, is always to strive to be better and to never stop learning.

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