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SBA Small Business Loans

MicroLoan Program

The SBA MicroLoan Program provides working capital to smaller businesses.

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Loan Amount up to


Term as long as

6 years

Rate as low as


Funded as fast as

30 days

Access the Capital You Need to Grow Your Business

The SBA MicroLoan Program provides working capital for your small businesses. You can use SBA microloans for a range of purposes, including working capital or buying equipment, machinery, or supplies.

Payment Schedule

Payments can be set at regular intervals

Various Uses

Funds can be used for a wide variety of purposes

Lower Rates

SBA CDC/504 loans have relatively low interest rates

Longer Terms

SBA CDC/504 loans have a longer repayment schedule

Get Started With an SBA MicroLoan Program

Provide basic information about your business. If approved, you can request funds and receive them in your account in as fast as 48 hours.

What you’ll need to qualify

  • 660+ credit score

  • May require collateral

SBA MicroLoans are distributed by a number of intermediate non-profit lenders who will each have their own qualifying process, therefore additional criteria may apply.

What you need to apply

  • Basic details about you and your business

  • Bank statements for past 3 months

  • Business is in good standing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SBA microloan?2022-12-01T20:31:07-05:00

The SBA MicroLoan Program provides working capital to smaller businesses. Under the MicroLoan program the SBA facilitates loans to intermediary non-profit lenders who in turn make non SBA guaranteed loans to for-profit businesses and non-profit child care centers. In 2016, these intermediary lenders loaned a total of $58 million to small businesses, with the average loan amount just under $15,000.


  • Office equipment for a graphic design company
  • Operating capital for a non-profit child care center
  • Promotional costs for a startup
What are the pros and cons for an SBA microloan?2022-12-01T20:31:56-05:00


  • Set payments at regular intervals
  • Can be used for a wide variety of purposes
  • Relatively low interest rate
  • Long repayment schedule


  • Lengthy application process
  • May carry early payment penalty
  • Variable interest rates may increase

At Big Think, we can help you structure the best loan for your needs. If you’re confused or need clarification about the qualifying requirements for a loan, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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