Brett Horn

Funding Manager

Brett Horn is a Funding Manager at Big Think Capital.  He specializes in helping all types of small and medium size businesses find the capital they need for success.

Brett is an ambitious professional who prides himself  on “getting the deal done” by offering valuable financial services while prioritizing his customer’s satisfaction.  Brett is flexible and accommodating while focused on the end goal of a creating a successful transaction for his customer at the right terms.

Brett is strategic, resourceful and creative to find the best solutions for his customers’ need for secure financing for their business.

Brett’s hobbies include a healthy lifestyle, playing golf, working out, and listening to music.  While scouring the globe for the best gourmet foods, he makes sure to hit the gym and the outdoors to stay in exceptional shape.

Brett’s home is Long Island, he received his B.A. in Hospitality and Tourism at the University of  Arizona, he lives in Miami and enjoys coastal living near the beach and the water.

Brett will patiently help to identify your needs for right funding and will build a long lasting relationship for your business and Big Think Capital.  Think Big with Brett!

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