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Restaurants have seen massive changes in the way they run since the COVID-19 pandemic. Outdoor dining is now the new norm, as many states have restricted indoor dining to only 50% capacity. With the winter season fast approaching, restaurants will have to adapt to temperature changes and adjust their outdoor dining accordingly. Here are some ways a small business loan can help expand your restaurant in the upcoming months.

What can Restaurants do for the Winter?

The most common type of preparation from restaurants will come in the form of additional equipment. Portable heaters, tents, and blankets seem to be must-buy items for the winter season. Restaurants can also look into the possibility of setting up isolated, mini yurt-styled pods. Of course, the designs of the pods will have high quality ventilation systems to ensure the safety of customers. Although these pods can be costly, restaurants can look into loans to help finance these big additions. Surviving through the cold, winter season will be tough, but there are initiatives that restaurants can take to help minimize their losses and even expand their business.

 Which Small Business Loans Should I use?

There are many different types of small business loans that restaurants can choose to apply from, but equipment loans will probably be the best bet for restaurants. These loans are specific for the purchase of business equipment, where the equipment itself acts as collateral for the loan. The great thing about this loan is that since the loan is secured against the equipment itself it often has no down payment. These loans can be used to purchase the next heaters or tents that will elevate the quality of your restaurants for the winter.


Given the current circumstances with COVID-19, it is imperative that restaurants prepare themselves for the winter. Although it might seem tough, restaurants still could expand their business during the cold season. New equipment will be a must for restaurants, including portable heaters, tents, or even mini pods. To pull these off, there are small business loans available for restaurants to look at. For more information on the business loans that would help your business expand at this time, please contact us!